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About Caring Options of San Antonio

Caring Options is not business as usual when it comes to CPR, First Aid, Parenting, and Healthy Home Classes. Caring Options of San Antonio brings a freshness to health and wellness education. Our classes are not just for knowledge sake, but for skill and confidence to take action immediately. Caring Options exist to empower all individuals and families to live life with purpose, on purpose by providing caring options for individuals to stay healthy and supported to meet life challenges.

All classes are provided in a relaxed, caring, non-judgmental environment, a safe place to discover, try on new behavior, or be refreshed, in becoming the best version of yourself.

Caring Options of San Antonio was founded by Jackie Hawkins, a retired registered nurse. A philosophy of caring is good, but a history of caring is better, which Jackie demonstrated in her nursing career, and continues to exhibit in her personal and community life.

During her nursing career, Jackie worked with all ages and stages. During her time as a military wife, she worked as a Family Advocacy Nurse Specialist, working with childbearing families, from pregnancy to birth and beyond, providing care through home visits, telephone calls, newsletters, and teaching classes dealing with every aspect of childbearing and childrearing. As a school nurse, Jackie worked for NISD, San Antonio, WFISD, Wichita Falls, Texas. Jackie also worked at Healy Murphy, San Antonio, Texas, an alternative high school, as nurse/parent educator.

Jackie is a certified American Heart Association CPR instructor as well as a certified instructor for the Academy of Pediatrics’ course, “Pediatric First Aid for Caregivers and Teachers” (PedFACTs). Jackie is also a certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor.