Breakthrough Parenting

Breakthrough parenting teaches parents how to create an environment where all family members are supported in reaching their highest potential. Breakthrough parenting moves families from struggle to cooperation.

Breakthrough Parenting is a revolutionary way to raise children in a 10-week course designed to increase your skills and knowledge as a parent. Emphasis is on developing parent/child self-esteem, using discipline to teach children, resolving conflict effectively, promoting self-control vs. parental control, understanding how children think and having age-appropriate expectations.

Breakthrough Parenting’s goal is to promote responsible, thinking, loving and confident children by using excellent parenting techniques. Breakthrough Parenting promotes life long positive parent/child relationship, as well as improvement in all of one's relationships. This course provides an immediate opportunity to receive personal attention to your family as well as to network with other parents.

Cost for the course is 30 dollars per class per person, or 45 dollars per couple per class. 10% discount is given, when entire course is paid in advance. Can't attend a class, or need an accelerated course, or other parenting education needs, call Jackie, a certified breakthrough parenting instructor, for details and pricing.

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$30.00 per class | Course consists of 10 classes